Making the Most of First-Party Data Opportunities

Apple’s much-anticipated iOS14 has been out for a few weeks now, and marketing teams are already seeing a shift in ad performance; most notably, differences in core metrics like overall ad spend, conversion reporting, reach, and CPM. Although traditional metrics will continue to be helpful, these changes indicate that marketers may need to re-assess benchmarks, […]

The Secret Marketing Weapon No One Is Talking About

The marketing landscape presents many challenges, but retailers and service providers have a secret weapon available: the gift card.  Thanks to easy-to-use platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento, and, the opportunity to easily offer a gift card is available to more merchants than ever before. But how do sellers and service providers turn a gift […]

Three Questions to Ask When Enhancing a MarTech Stack

In a previous article, we looked at the essential elements necessary for managing a marketing strategy with a growth hacking mindset. But, having the right plan in place is just one piece of the puzzle. Many legacy martech tools are not designed for the hyper-flexibility and on-demand reporting a growth hacking strategy requires.  There are […]

Growth Hacking Basics for Emerging Brands

Marketing and advertising are cornerstones of retail strategy, but with so many methodologies, platforms, and tools, how do small teams make the most of available resources? Although there’s no clear-cut formula that can apply across brands, implementing a strategy driven by growth hacking basics can help any brand make the most of every opportunity. Is […]

Prizeout’s New Rewards Program Means Users Can Get Even More for The Money they Spend

What’s better than getting bonus offers towards your favorite brands? Getting bonus offers AND earning rewards. It’s the best of both worlds with Prizeout’s new rewards program, which allows users to earn points on every withdrawal.  We’ve recognized that, for many of our users, Prizeout is more than just a way to withdraw money. It’s […]

It’s Official! Prizeout is the Newest Way to Withdraw Money on PrizePicks

We’ve got some great news for daily fantasy fans–Prizeout has just become the newest available withdrawal option on PrizePicks! Players can now withdraw their earnings through Prizeout to get access to faster transaction times, exclusive bonus offers, and added spending power with their favorite brands. All they have to do is visit their usual withdrawal […]

Our Top Spring Wardrobe Essentials for 2021

Spring has now, officially, sprung, which means sun, beaches, pollen, and more appropriate weather for outdoor dining is finally upon us. Rejoice!  We here at Prizeout think it’s time for a closet refresh. Say goodbye to gross day-old NYC snow and Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder, and hello to warm weather and fresh fits. And to help […]

The Future of Digital Marketing for Ecommerce

Developing a unique, on-brand, and innovative advertising strategy is crucial for e-commerce retailers. Traditionally, a cornerstone of this strategy has involved leveraging paid digital content. But, as technology increasingly bleeds into every facet of life, retailers must face some new truths:  As consumers become increasingly ad-blind, it’s not enough to simply run paid social media […]

Gift Cards: The Great Equalizer

When faced with the competition of national retailers, small businesses are constantly challenged to do more, with fewer resources. In addition to having a more creative and agile business strategy, the tools these small businesses use must be the most powerful and flexible on the market.  Sure there are platforms that can automate marketing, website […]

Making the Most of the New Customer Journey

In recent years, technology (more pointedly, social media) has obliterated the traditional customer path-to-purchase. Now, customers can create their own journey, on their timeline. The path from awareness to purchase can be as simple as one click from an Instagram ad to checkout. On the other side of the spectrum, customers may get caught in […]


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