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Partner Spotlight: Suncoast Credit Union 

The devastating impact of October’s Hurricane Ian will have lasting effects on many Florida residents.  To show their support and concern, Suncoast Credit Union team members rallied to gather donations and supplies to help fellow employees through the days following the storm. Water, food, cleaning supplies, diapers, and other necessities were collected and distributed to those in need.

Suncoast employees had the challenge of not only supporting members who needed assistance during this time, but also worrying about their own homes and loved ones. But even in the face of such exceptionally difficult circumstances, they did so with courage and compassion.

For employees who were able to immediately return to work after the storm passed, showing exceptional commitment to servicing others, Suncoast partnered with Prizeout to distribute an additional token of appreciation by providing $100 to use within their marketplace of national and local merchants. The funds, along with the bonus offers contributed by Prizeout’s merchants, helped give this Suncoast team more money to use towards much-needed essentials – fuel, groceries, home improvement supplies, and more. 

“Finding a quick and easy way to distribute assistance and appreciation to our employees was crucial, and Prizeout delivered.” said Darlene Johnson, EVP and Chief Growth Officer at Suncoast. “Our employees were grateful to get the chance to stretch their dollars further during this challenging time.”

Prizeout and Suncoast are working together to make the Prizeout platform available to all Suncoast Credit Union members in the future as something members can access directly through their online or mobile banking service. The marketplace will feature a wide selection of local and national brands, each providing bonus value.

Interested in learning more about Prizeout? Find out more here.

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