Improving Your Withdrawal Solution

In today’s online age, everyone always has money stored somewhere online. And when they want access to that money, there’s only one thing to do: withdraw. But that can be easier said that done. Withdrawals often come with a list of obstacles, but if you can find ways to circumvent them, you may find yourself bringing in more customers. At Prizeout, we’re working to make the world of withdrawals a fast and pain-free experience that makes life easier for you and your customers. In this blog, we’ll walk you through some of the most common withdrawal issues your customers may be running into and how Prizeout is able to help you avoid them.

Costly Withdrawal Fees

There’s nothing worse than having to pay for the opportunity to access your money. Withdrawal fees pop up consistently throughout the online community despite the hesitancy from the side of the consumer. Prizeout, on the other hand, is completely free on the part of the user. Actually, you might even say we’re the exact opposite of a withdrawal fee. The brands in our marketplace offer bonus value on top of your users’ withdrawals, which allows them to get even more for their money.

That makes the customer happy and everyone loves a happy customer, but that’s not all that’s in it for our partners. If customers are getting money, we believe our partners should too. That’s why we offer them a revenue share of all sales their customers make within our platform.

Lengthy Processing Times

Even when customers are able to avoid annoying fees, they may still be subject to waiting several business days before their money ever hits their account. Many customers feel that once they’ve earned their money, they should be able to use it right away. And waiting any amount of time just doesn’t live up to their expectations.

Prizeout offers customers an immediate withdrawal option. No delays. No wait times. Just an instant cashout. As soon as someone checks out with the brand of their choice, they’ll receive an email giving them access to their gift card and instructions on how to use it. To break that down, we give them more money, faster.

Easy, Secure Setup

Prizeout is completely focused on making the withdrawal process as quick and painless as possible. We don’t need customers to input any information about their bank accounts, credit cards, or virtually any personal information. Just their name and email address and they’ll be on their way. Any customer is always only a matter of seconds away from being able to use Prizeout to withdraw their funds.

Fast, Easy, Fee-Free Withdrawals

In short, our withdrawal solution is a win for your company as well as your customers. Its seamless experience has proven to increase user retention for our partners, while also providing them with an additional source of revenue. Even in the expansive realm of withdrawals, how many solutions are fast, immediate, offer revenue share, and give customers more for their money? We’re willing to bet just one. Contact us today to learn more about partnering with us.

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