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Partner Spotlight: Interra Credit Union 

Interra Credit Union knows they have the hardest working employees in the industry.  Their more than 315 employees deliver a memorable experience to the credit union’s 90,000 members on a daily basis. Even when their branches are closed – such as the recent Columbus Day holiday – the team takes the time to volunteer in their local communities as part of Interra’s Do Well To Do Good™ Day. This year, they served 32 nonprofit organizations in 5 different Indiana counties.

To show their appreciation for all that their employees do, Interra’s leadership turned to Prizeout to assist with a special thank you gift. In a few simple steps, Prizeout provided a claim link via email to each employee, connecting them to the Prizeout marketplace. Employees could then review a selection of brands curated just for them and redeem their gift for digital gift cards to the brands they love. Furthermore, 95% of brand  partners on Prizeout promote bonus value offers on each transaction. This means that each employee received more purchasing power for their brand(s) of choice. On average, brands on Prizeout offer 12% extra value.

Employees also had the option to make charitable donations to The Interra Cares Foundation through the Prizeout marketplace. This allowed them to contribute to ongoing efforts of the Foundation’s commitment to financial education, economic empowerment, and enhancing the quality of life for those in need within the communities served by the credit union. 

“We knew we wanted to find a special way to say, ‘Thank You’ to our employees and  found that using Prizeout was the perfect solution,” stated Interra CEO Amy Sink. “Choosing their own digital gift card took the guesswork out of what each employee  would like to receive, provided real value, and it was simple.”

In a continuation of these efforts, Interra is partnering with Callahan & Associates in order to offer Prizeout to all of their members as a new way to make their money stretch further. Members will have access to personalized offers from the Prizeout marketplace directly through their online or mobile banking service. In addition to the wide selection of national brands, local merchants will be onboarded to Prizeout so that members have extra incentive to spend locally and support their surrounding communities. 

Interested in learning more about Prizeout? Find out more here.

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