Case Studies

Delivering New Users to a Leading Meal Prep Brand

How Prizeout developed a special limited-time offer campaign to help one brand acquire new customers during the busy holiday season.


Most people could benefit from extra time during the holiday season. That’s why Prizeout worked with a leading meal prep brand to introduce a campaign during those busy end-of-the-year weeks. The campaign aimed to attract new customers by offering them bonus value on their gift cards, making dinner plans one less thing to worry about!


Prizeout guided the brand to test an offer that gave customers the ability to get a gift card for half the cost (for example, a customer could get a $100 gift card for just $50.) The campaign ran for 3 weeks in Q4 2021, and featured gift card art that highlighted the limited-time offer messaging. The brand was featured in a prime spot within the marketplace to ensure maximum visibility.


The promotion was quick to capture the attention of many Prizeout users. The brand set a $10,000 budget and exceeded its ROI goals. With all-around positive results, the brand has scheduled new campaigns to run throughout 2022.

  • 25x Increase in Impressions
  • 10x Increase in New User Acquisition
  • $345 Average Order Value

To learn more about merchant opportunities with Prizeout, visit here.

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