5 Tips for Making a Gift Card Magical this Holiday Season

’Tis the season of shopping stress fueled by out-of-stock products, shipping delays, and frenzied last-minute, make-it-work gifts. But, while that last pair of avocado socks may look like a good alternative for your cousin Laura in the moment, we have a better option: a gift card.

Although many people may feel that gift cards are impersonal and are concerned that they convey a lack of thoughtfulness, in actuality, gift cards are consistently listed as one of the most asked for gifts year after year. And the good news is, the vast assortment of brands available, gift card designs, and packaging can quickly turn a last-minute gift into a thoughtful experience.

Here are 5 ideas to turn turn a gift card into an awesome, personalized gift:

1. Get creative with packaging

Gift cards come standard in a simple holder and some brands or stores may offer gift card-specific packaging for a small fee. These are a great start, but if you want your gift card to have that extra wow-factor, think about unique items that can hold or display a gift card. Wallets, cups, notebooks, phone holders, and even frames are examples of items that can become the packaging for a gift card.

2. Make your own DIY holder

If you’re on a budget, there are a ton of ways to DIY a card holder. One of the easiest ways to print out your own designed card holder. Alternatively, you can make a festive snow globe with the gift card as the center piece. When you’re selecting your holder, it’s best to have the gift card selected first because the card design can be a great inspiration for colors and style of your custom card holder.

3. Pair it with something fun

Many people who give gift cards still want to feel like they’re giving a product. Simply adding something small like a nice box of candy, candle, or festive beverage can create the feeling of giving a “gift” rather than a “gift card”. This option also gives the recipient the fun feeling of opening a present.

4. Create a theme

With the variety of brands, restaurants, and experiences that offer gift cards, why just pick one? Develop a fun theme like night outdining around the world, or fun and games and purchase different gift cards that fit the theme. Once you have your theme and gift cards selected, create a gift card bouquet or wreath.

5. Harness the power of surprise

If you really want to make someone’s day, take advantage of digital gifting platforms and send some holiday joy to their inbox when they’re not expecting it. Many digital gift cards let you pick a card design, and some even let you upload a custom picture. Although the ability to get creative with digital gift card delivery is restricted, picking the right time, design, and message can still make a digital gift card feel like a thoughtful gift.

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