Case Studies

Data Dive: How Consumers Spend Earned Money

As an ad-tech platform that serves a diverse group of customers, we here at Prizeout have a birds-eye view on usage patterns that dominate three distinct sets of spenders: customers with (1) won, (2) earned, and (3) rewarded money. 

For this study, we wanted to focus on what moves the needle for customers with earned money. At the highest level, we’ve found three key elements that separate earned money customers from their counterparts with won and rewarded money…

  1. Earned money customers are purchasing essentials. 

For customers with earned money, on average, 95% of funds are withdrawn to essentials like gas, groceries, and home improvement. This is significantly higher than 84% for rewarded money, and 40% for won money. It seems intuitive that people spending hard-earned money are designating the lion share of it to necessities, rather than luxuries. However, what stunned us, was just how high that percentage was. This leads us to our second point…

  1. Earned money customers are making their money go further. 

A unique aspect of the Prizeout platform as a withdrawal method is the ability for customers to opt for brands that are offering significant added-value on their gift cards. And we’ve found this clearly moves the needle when it comes to how earned money users make purchase decisions. Customers withdrawing earned money are 3.5x more likely than those with rewarded money to be influenced by higher bonus offers. By contrast, users with won money are only 1.5x more likely. 

  1. Earned money customers are taking advantage of instant access to their funds. 

Another benefit of our position at Prizeout is that, since we offer instant withdrawals, we can examine how customers across these spending groups treat their funds post-withdrawal. Unsurprisingly, we’ve found that earned money spenders claim their gift card significantly faster than those in the other spending groups. Customers withdrawing earned money claim their gift card 2x as quickly as those with rewarded money, and 4x as quickly as those with won money.

TL;DR: Customers spending their hard-earned money are conscientious about where they’re spending: opting for essential purchases that give them the most value for their money. They’re also spending those funds more quickly, responding directly to current needs. 

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