Convenience is Key for eCommerce and Small Business

The competition in the retail and service industries is fierce. Small retailers are losing ground to big-name stores, and eCommerce giants continue to get stronger while startup retail sites struggle to maximize opportunity. Brands know that omnichannel convenience is imperative for customers shopping wherever they choose to shop—in-store, online, or both. In a world where people want everything yesterday and customer expectations change daily, how can merchants provide a non-intrusive, customized and convenient experience? 

Understand that convenience starts with brand trust.

It does not matter how user-friendly your website is or how welcoming your team is if the consumer does not trust your brand. Ways to build trust with consumers include: 

  • Highlighting data protection and secure checkout. Specifically, having clear communication regarding how personal information is stored and used can greatly improve customer trust in the brand. 
  • Brands can work with industry-trusted partners for promotions, communications, and other operational tactics. By partnering with companies that larger brands work with, small businesses and eCommerce retailers can capitalize on the halo effect of being seen with well-known brands. 

Once trust is established, brands must ensure that the whole shopping experience is as frictionless as possible. 

Help consumers know what they want. (And have it in stock).

Consumers often know what they want, but that isn’t always the case, especially when shopping for gifts or even when they are trying new brands. Therefore, merchandising and guiding the consumer in product selection is important. Create opportunities to suggest products or product bundles that may help reduce decision fatigue and get the customer to a final yes. One common challenge for retailers is finding alternatives for out-of-stock items. Moments like this can be make-or-break for a sale due to the possibility of increased friction. Being prepared to highlight similar products and even offering gift cards in lieu of product can help save the sale.

Embrace shopping flexibility.  

Trends observed throughout the past year indicate that consumers have varying expectations for indoor shopping experiences. This is likely to continue as shaping behaviors shift once again.  It is critical to remember that what is convenient for one consumer may not be convenient for another. This idea holds true throughout any part of the consumer experience—from how a customer finds your brand to the types of interactions during the shopping process, payment and checkout, and even any follow-up opportunities. It is the brand’s responsibility to get creative, try new strategies, and gather information to help create experiences and options that resonate with your customer base. 

An omnichannel customer experience strategy is imperative to create convenience for customers shopping wherever, whenever, and however, they choose.  In a world where customer expectations change daily and consumers are constantly bombarded with advertising messaging, it is critical your brand can provide a truly convenient experience and stand out from the crowd. One way to do this is by identifying new and innovative partners who can help get your brand in front of consumers with the right message at the right time. At Prizeout, we help get your brand in front of consumers at one of the most critical and early moments in their customer journey: when they are earmarking their money for future spend. When working with new partners, it’s important to understand how they fit your brand’s strategy within the three core categories above. Further, a test-and-learn mentality is vital, and selecting partners who can help strategize and provide data-driven results can help your brand capitalize on opportunities and make your brand more convenient for today’s consumers.   

Find out how Prizeout can innovate your omnichannel experience.

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