Case Studies

Success Story: Seasonal Promotions


What if seasonality could be a brand’s secret weapon to capturing high-value, long-lasting customers?

This brand, known internationally for its high-quality, licensed sports jerseys and merchandise, quickly grew to be the go-to e-commerce retailer for sports fans. With a thriving core-customer base, this merchant sought to fuel its growth through capturing high-value customers with behavioral indicators for brand loyalty. By developing a strong campaign during the weeks around a major annual event in the first quarter of a year, they reached a new audience and created a repeatable strategy for more seasonal events. 

What makes this strategy truly stand out, though, is that the metrics are all captured within its gift card program. For many growing brands, a gift card is one of the most underutilized tools available because they do three vital things:

  1. Capture promised spend. Whether a gift card is a gift or purchased as part of the rising trend of self-use when a consumer has a gift card, your brand has a committed customer who will return. 
  2. Increases the customer’s spend. In a 2018 survey, 59% of consumers spent above the value of the gift card, with one report citing the average overspend being $59.
  3. Increase the brand’s capture of consumer mindshare. When a customer has a gift card, your brand will be top of mind. It gives customers a reason to browse your website over another and makes saying yes to an impulse purchase even easier.


  • Saw a growth of 377+% in customer acquisition 18 days post promotion launch
  • Experienced a $105 increase in average order value (AOV)
  • Saw an increase of 615% in gift card sales

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