Inside Prizeout

Prizeout’s New Rewards Program Means Users Can Get Even More for The Money they Spend

What’s better than getting bonus offers towards your favorite brands? Getting bonus offers AND earning rewards. It’s the best of both worlds with Prizeout’s new rewards program, which allows users to earn points on every withdrawal. 

We’ve recognized that, for many of our users, Prizeout is more than just a way to withdraw money. It’s also a tool to spend fiscally, save money, and discover new brands. With the launch of Prizeout Rewards, you can do all three without lifting a finger. 

With Prizeout Rewards, users will automatically earn one point for every dollar spent through our marketplace. These points will accumulate automatically once a user creates a Prizeout account. These points can then be redeemed at three different reward tiers in their account dashboard. Users have a choice between five curated gift cards at each tier, so whether you want money towards your daily cup of joe, unseemly takeout habit, or a new gift for someone special, we’ve got you covered!

Want to start earning towards your first reward? For a limited time, get 250 Prizeout Points when you sign up for a Prizeout account on our marketplace!

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