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It’s Official! Prizeout is the Newest Way to Withdraw Money on PrizePicks

We’ve got some great news for daily fantasy fans–Prizeout has just become the newest available withdrawal option on PrizePicks! Players can now withdraw their earnings through Prizeout to get access to faster transaction times, exclusive bonus offers, and added spending power with their favorite brands. All they have to do is visit their usual withdrawal page and click the Prizeout button! 

The partnership marks the first Daily Fantasy Sports operator that Prizeout has launched with, opening up the door for millions of additional players to experience withdrawing with Prizeout.  On the partnership, Prizeout CEO David Metz said, “We’re thrilled to be working with a partner like PrizePicks, who is so committed to giving their users a first-class experience from beginning to end. PrizePicks’ choice to leverage Prizeout enables their members to get even more for their money; keeping members engaged and finding value at every touchpoint.”

Read the full press release here.

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