Inside Prizeout

Get to Know Us

Hey there! Thanks for swinging by the Prizeout blog! We figured if you scrolled down our posts this far, you probably want to get to know us a little better. So here’s the scoop, directly from the source.

What’s the deal with Prizeout anyway?

Well, we’ve been called a lot of things–an ad tech platform, a digital marketing company, a gift card provider, a payment processor–but we do one thing really well: getting everyone the most for their money (our slogan is “More for your money” for a reason!). That includes all of the companies we work with as well as everyone who cashes out with our platform.

There are two really outdated facets of commerce–advertising and gift cards–that we’re revolutionizing through our business model. 

Firstly, traditional forms of advertising make billions of dollars regardless of whether their product is actually working for the people who use it. It costs a LOT of money up front with no promise that their services will actually fuel customer acquisition and drive revenue. In this way, advertising and marketing have been called the new “rent” of the direct-to-consumer industry–an astronomical expense that feels necessary but is often more costly than it’s worth. 

Secondly, gift cards have maintained a certain reputation up to the consumer, often associated with an impersonal $10 card that your aunt gave you for your 16th birthday. But branded currency (the new lingo for gift cards) is powerful. It’s personal, it’s valuable, and it’s an incredibly cost-effective customer acquisition tool. 

Combined, these two things create a risk-free acquisition tool for brands, a revenue source for our partner platforms, and a unique cash out experience for our users. 

Intrigued about what this all looks like in real life? Head on over to our website to find out more about who we work with and where you can find us.

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