Inside Prizeout

Making #WFH Work

The Prizeout team is charging headfirst into our third week of working from home, and we’ve finally started adjusting to this new reality. We’re now mastering the art of putting ourselves on mute over Zoom so we can eat & meet, talking to an inanimate object as if it’s our favorite coworker (just me?), and sharing our (mostly) impressive, home-made lunches over slack. While we’re so blessed to be able to put our nose to the ground and grind during this uncertain time, we know that it can be difficult to feel productive when sitting in your childhood bedroom or your tiny, desk-less NYC apartment. We’ve been there (and are still there, unfortunately). So we thought it would be fun to share some of the things that have helped us stay sane in these crazy times. Enjoy! 

“I’ve been lucky enough to escape to my parents house in Saratoga Springs, NY. It took a bit of adjustment, but I think we have mastered the art of coexisting once again. I break up my day by going for long runs through the State Park, countered by baking.” 

– Nicolette, Project Manager

“I’m growing tired of cereal and pasta but I like to keep morale high by going on early morning walks with my girlfriend and catching up on shows and movies I was falling behind on watching.”

– Ryan, Business Developer 

“I took up yoga.” 

– Matt, Chief Product Officer

“We’re staying at my boyfriend’s parents’ place and they moved their ping pong table into the dining room to keep up morale. I love to take fifteen minutes every few hours to polish off my racquet skills. I’m going to destroy everyone when we finally get back into the office!”

– KC, Head of Content 

“I’ve kept to my morning routine of taking my dog Koda to the beach every morning and surfing whenever I can. I’ve also started pretending that she’s my new intern, which on one hand has helped me feel a sense of normalcy, but on the other has made me realize that I should probably fire her. She’s constantly asleep on the job and hasn’t really contributed many useful ideas, but seems like she still has plenty of time to learn.” 

– Travis, Head of Product

“I find myself working for 2-3 hours in the morning, going to my kitchen to drink some espresso for 10-15 mins, then get back to it. For me, it’s almost the same as hitting a break room at the office for some coffee.” 

– Max, Business Developer 

“I’ve been doing fun hat days in ‘the office’. Today was a cowboy hat. Basically I wore a cowboy hat all day today.” 

– Dave, CFO 

We hope you all are finding fun ways to counter the craziness that is WFH. We’re all in this together.

Stay home and stay safe!

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